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Detailed Info About UEG Repair Steps

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  Explanations of the various repair status steps
  • Preliminary evaluation being completed by technician – Some higher end products get a preliminary assessment by a senior level technician to determine needed parts and/or technician skill set required for repair before being placed in the queue to be repaired
  • Customer Request Received/Order In Process – We have received your approval and are moving your order to the repair queue
  • In line to be assigned to a technician – Every unit that comes in is assigned to a technician in the order that it was received. During particularly busy periods of the year, certain device types may hold at this status for an extended time period but is normally just 2-3 days.
  • Waiting for customer approval to begin/continue repair – Unit has been received and our Sales Team will be contacting you shortly. We may require additional information/approval from you to proceed with service. This status applies to estimates, re-estimates, or in the case where we have additional questions in order to complete the repair properly. Please call or email us.
  • On technician’s bench – Unit is currently being working on by a technician. A unit will typically stay in this status for 1-3 days depending on the repair complexity.
  • Item was sent to manufacturer to complete repair – Some repair types must go to the manufacturer due to their restrictions. Most times, this can’t be determined until the technician opens and assesses your product. United has priority status with all major OEM’s to ensure the turn around time is quicker than if you had sent it to them directly. This happens on about 4%-5% of our repairs.
  • Necessary parts are on order to complete repair – Your unit has already been evaluated by a technician and we have ordered the parts. Although United keeps a huge inventory of parts it is impossible to have them all for every device ever made – about 20% of the units we receive need a part we don’t have but in most cases we can obtain the parts in 5-7 days. In rare circumstances, your unit may move to this status multiple times if the parts that were ordered do not correct the problem and additional items need to be ordered (this sometimes happens when you have a device that won’t power on at all and a full diagnosis is difficult until we can correct the power problems).
  • Final inspection and cleaning – Your unit is complete and is being evaluated by our quality control technicians. If the unit passes it will move to shipping in the next 24 hrs.
  • In the process of being boxed and shipped – Your unit is complete and is being processed by our shipping department. You should receive an email with a tracking number within 24hrs.

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United Electronics Group (UEG) is the parent company of United Camera Repair, United MP3 Repair, United Mac Repair, United Tablet Repair and United Smartphone Repair. UEG has been a leader in the repair and service of cameras, MP3s, tablets, smartphones and Macs. Last year alone, UEG repaired over 150,000 devices.

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