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Starting Your Day With an iPod Fall

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You just opened up the e-newsletter from United Electronics Group and scrolled through UEG services. Interesting, you think and head off to start your day.

It’s a balmy 80 degrees outside–fantastic weather for your daily run. You grab your iPod, pop in the earbuds — and you’re off! Your feet pound the ground. The sun beats down. You’re building endurance and — suddenly, a large rock, as it sits lazily in your path, gets the best of you. You stumble, and your iPod shakes loose and falls to the ground. You regain your balance and pick up the iPod. The headphone jack is now loose and nonfunctional. After you expel a sigh of frustration, you head off to finish your run.

The first thing you do when you return to home base is to ship off your iPod to United Mp3 Repair. You know United Mp3 Repair will fix your iPod headphone jack within 24 hours and speedily ship it back to you with insurance and tracking. In the meantime, you check the progress of your repair online and relax, having full confidence that it has been fixed right and is on its way back, encased in a protective, sturdy shipping box.

Within a few days, you’re back running with iPod in tow.




Author: unitedelectronicsgroup

United Electronics Group (UEG) is the parent company of United Camera Repair, United MP3 Repair, United Mac Repair, United Tablet Repair and United Smartphone Repair. UEG has been a leader in the repair and service of cameras, MP3s, tablets, smartphones and Macs. Last year alone, UEG repaired over 150,000 devices.

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