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UEG’s Cinco de Mayo Repair Special

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Cinco de Mayo is celebrated all across the country with parades, folk dancing, piñatas and festive food. At UEG we’re expanding this celebration with a 10% off special of our own during the entire month of May.

With gadgets as common as smartphones, iPods, Macs and tablets, you’ll find the equal need for glass repairs, headphone jack repairs, upgrades, power button repairs and the like. Here’s where UEG companies play an important role:

Need a Digitizer & LCD Repair for your iPad Mini?
United Tablet Repair has you covered at $219.99.

Could you use a Speaker Repair for your iPhone 5?
United Smartphone Repair will fix it for $69.99.

Does your MacBook Pro require a 480GB SSD Upgrade?
United Mac Repair has the solution at $499.

Is the home button on your iPod Touch 5th Generation in need of service?
United MP3 Repair can repair it for $65.99.

UEG‘s coupon code United5May is good for 10% off any repair now through May 31st.

UEG offers a Fixed Right Guarantee and free return ground shipping. Please visit our UEG companies to learn more about our wide selection of repair options, competitive prices, guarantee and reliable services:

United Tablet Repair | United Mac Repair | United MP3 Repair | United Smartphone Repair


Author: unitedelectronicsgroup

United Electronics Group (UEG) is the parent company of United Camera Repair, United MP3 Repair, United Mac Repair, United Tablet Repair and United Smartphone Repair. UEG has been a leader in the repair and service of cameras, MP3s, tablets, smartphones and Macs. Last year alone, UEG repaired over 150,000 devices.

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