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iPhone 5 Battery Life and Replacement

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iphone5When you first got your new iPhone 5, the battery lasted for what seemed like an iPhone eternity. You could keep all the applications running in the background. You could enable location services at all times, even when you didn’t really need it. You could keep your LCD screen as bright as possible for as long as possible. After a while, those once-rapid features slowed down, maybe due to any one or any combination of the following battery-life drainers:

  • auto-brightness stays on continually
  • applications constantly run in the background (with or without your knowledge)
  • iPhone remains on (never gets turned off)
  • location service tracks your every move

“The peak age for battery replacements is 18 months,” according to http://www.cio.com. So when it seems like the life of your battery is ebbing away, what do you do?

You could buy one of those battery repair kits online and risk purchasing a knockoff battery–only to install the replacement battery yourself and find it doesn’t last as long as an original. You’d also need to pry open the iPhone carefully to reach the interior battery compartment, which is tough to do correctly without causing probable damage to the surrounding components.

Or, you could ship your iPhone 5 to United Electronics Repair (UEG) for repair. We have a 24-hour turnaround time on most iPhone repairs. If you’re in Chicagoland, you could drive on over, and we’ll fix it within the hour (call us ahead to make sure we have parts available: 1-866-488-8227). UEG‘s trained technicians will skillfully open up the iPhone 5 (we’ve opened hundreds upon hundreds of iPhones), remove the old battery and properly install a genuine one for $59.99. We offer free return ground shipping, too. If you choose UEG for your repair, we’ll even recycle the old battery for you!

So instead of risking a do-it-yourself iPhone 5 battery replacement, place your confidence in the experts at UEG. Not only will UEG give you a better repair experience, but we’re there for your every repair.





Author: unitedelectronicsgroup

United Electronics Group (UEG) is the parent company of United Camera Repair, United MP3 Repair, United Mac Repair, United Tablet Repair and United Smartphone Repair. UEG has been a leader in the repair and service of cameras, MP3s, tablets, smartphones and Macs. Last year alone, UEG repaired over 150,000 devices.

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