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United Electronics Group Asks: Repair or Upgrade?

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UEG_mp3_batteryAs a repair facility, we at United Electronics Group are slightly biased when it comes to repairing devices versus upgrading to a brand new one. We see the benefits of repairing an iPod, Mac, tablet or iPhone. At the same time, if your device is unrepairable or it’s more cost-effective to purchase a new one, we’ll let you know.

In favor of upgrade …. The benefits of upgrading are obvious: fantastic new features, greater utility and increased ease of use. The list goes on. You’d be keeping up with the latest innovations, too. On the other hand, if the LCD screen on your latest iPhone cracks, you’d probably want to see to it that it’s repaired rather than spend oodles more to replace it.

In favor of repair …. If you are perfectly contented with your current model, your comfort level is high and you’re extraordinarily familiar with its every intelligent gizmo, you may consider repairing your device instead. It also makes economical sense to repair your device rather than upgrade to the next level. If the battery on your iPod frequently runs low, you can replace it so that it functions as good as new. Or, if your iPad Air is a little scratched up, enlist the services of a repair facility, like UEG, to replace the LCD screen for a good-as-new look and feel. The list goes on.

We’re interested to know what are your thoughts? Repair or upgrade?



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United Electronics Group (UEG) is the parent company of United Camera Repair, United MP3 Repair, United Mac Repair, United Tablet Repair and United Smartphone Repair. UEG has been a leader in the repair and service of cameras, MP3s, tablets, smartphones and Macs. Last year alone, UEG repaired over 150,000 devices.

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