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Where Will the iPhone Be 25 Years From Now?

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The versatile iPhone has become a necessity for over a billion users around the world. We didn’t know we needed the iPhone until its introduction snatched our attention and kept it steadily ever since. The iPhone has developed significantly over the years, and it promises to continue its evolution.

The iPhone recently found utility as a microscope (TechCrunch). Plus, according to Appstorm.net, the iPhone functions as a metal detector, remote computer mouse, car key, speed trap, blood alcohol concentration calculator and baby monitor. The list goes on.

The gadget may be a phone, but it serves a multitude of everyday purposes. Perhaps the iPhone should get a new monicker.

Tell us, where do you think the iPhone will be in 25 years? Rather, where will this invention take us in 25 years?

Photo: digitaltrends.com



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