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UEG for Business

Last year, businesses entrusted UEG to repair over 150,000 devices. Business customers included manufacturers, service providers, retailers and liquidators. At UEG, we offer extensive technical support from the initial consultation throughout the completion of the repair process. As repair experts, UEG guarantees your business receives high-quality work and a better repair experience.

UEG is committed to keeping businesses operating at top speed. We offer quality consumer electronics repair services to ensure your business functions smoothly. When your tablet, MP3, smartphone or digital equipment fails, your business feels the impact–whether in the office, on the road or at client sites. UEG will fix your business’ broken device(s) with a 24-48 hour turnaround time available to save you both time and money. Send your units in bulk or individually, and UEG factory-trained technicians will repair your devices quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. We’re a safe, secure consumer electronics repair service provider, and we will tailor a unique program that meets the needs of your business!

UEG offers these services to facilitate the repair process:

24-48 hour turnaround service

state-of-the-art repair facility

cutting-edge equipment

internet portal for status updates

repair prices to help meet your budget

call center support

product and parts disposal

3-way shipping



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UEG for Education

The 21st century classroom demands a series of advanced learning tools. Legacy notebooks and laptop computers have all but disappeared, having been replaced with tablets and Chromebooks. New technology initiatives complement traditional instruction to achieve balance in the classroom. Why let your broken devices gather dust or replace them with costly units? UEG factory-trained technicians will repair your school’s electronics, like tablets, MP3s, video cameras and digital equipment, in bulk or individually. UEG resolves technology issues in the classroom cost effectively and reliably, so educators like you can do what you do best.

UEG for Education


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Research UEG: Quick Facts About UEG

Take a look at the United Electronics Group Research UEG webpage for insights into our company! From infographics to charts to presentations, our Research UEG page is a great way to get to know UEG, a nationwide leader in the consumer electronics repair industry!

Research UEG


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Returns Management

Enjoy selling product more than dealing with the returns? You are in luck! United Electronics Group will leverage our qualified Asset Management team, efficient repair capabilities and best-in-class infrastructure to quickly process your returns and maximize recovery.

Visit our website for more details!

Returns Management

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Join the UEG Wholesale Community!


Join the United Electronics Group (UEG) wholesale community! Purchase available surplus inventory from UEG, one of the nation’s most reputable consumer electronics repair facilities. Our contacts with the country’s largest manufacturers ensure that we offer the most competitive prices on the market.

Visit UEG Liquidation/Wholesale!


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The UEG family wishes yours a merry Christmas!

From all of us at United Electronics Group, we wish you a merry Christmas! We will be closed on December 25 but will reopen for business on December 26.




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