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Take a Look Inside UEG via Webcam!

Ever wanted to take a look at the activity inside the United Electronics Group (UEG) repair facility? We can tell you there’s a significant amount of professional expertise, precision and dedication that goes on!

At UEG we know it may not be convenient for all of our valued customers to tour our Bensenville, IL, facility. As a service to our customers, a webcam is set up for those interested in viewing UEG‘s professional environment. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of one of our technician floors, known to us as Tech Room #3. It’s bustling Monday through Friday with UEG technicians and in-progress repairs.

UEG Webcam: Technician Room #3


So go ahead and have a peek at our daily operations. You’ll notice we’re working hard to give you a better repair experience. Should you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or give us a call, and we’d be more than happy to assist!

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Location is Essential to Success

Location! Location! Location! That’s what they say makes or breaks success! The United Electronics Group facility is located in the heart of the Midwest. A couple minutes away is one of the world’s busiest airports—O’Hare International Airport. Just 20 minutes east is the Windy City. You couldn’t argue—United Electronics Group is centrally located!


UEG gives walk-in customers the best in-house treatment in the burbs:

•             1-hour repair time
•             Attentive, friendly staff
•             Convenient lobby area
•             Free parking right up front – no meters, no hassle
•             45 years of experience serving Chicagoland
•             Fixed Right Guarantee

If you live in the suburbs, why would you want to trek all the way to the city of Chicago for a repair? UEG is dedicated to our local customer base. What’s stopping you from stopping in? Let us know by sending us an instant email. We look forward to your feedback!



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UEG Now Offers Wholesale / Liquidation Purchases


Join the United Electronics Group wholesale community! Buy surplus inventory from one of the nation’s most reputable consumer electronics repair facilities. Our contacts with the country’s largest manufacturers ensures we offer some of the most competitive prices on the market. We are centrally located in the heart of the Midwest if you’re considering the speed of shipping. O’Hare International Airport is less than 5 minutes away. The city of Chicago is just 20 minutes east. We can help businesses anywhere in the country achieve their strategic objectives. At United Wholesale we house a wide variety of consumer electronics, from tablets to smartphones and everything in between. Give us a call at 1-866-488-8227 or local at 630-595-2525 or visit the UEG website!


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United Smartphone Repair: For the Griller in You

bbqIt’s barbecue season. Grills are fired up. Skewered vegetables and 3-inch-thick burgers pick up grill lines and absorb mesquite BBQ flavor. The grill master knows it’s the ideal time to snap a quick photo of his creation to impress his fellow grill mates. He clicks the camera button of his iPhone tucked into his apron pocket just a minute before. Not a sound. The camera no longer works! The time is ripe to ship his smartphone off to United Smartphone Repair, a United Electronics Group company. United Smartphone Repair‘s repair time is 24 hours if he chooses to ship his broken smartphone to UEG. Or, he can stop by our lobby for a 1-hour repair. Once fixed, he’ll have a perfectly functional iPhone camera to capture images of spectacular summertime burgers. By the time next weekend’s barbecue rolls around, the grill king can send snapshots of his masterpieces to everyone! United Smartphone Repair will ensure the grill master is ready to grill … snap … and roll. And at UEG, we’ll do the same for you!

An iPhone 5s camera repair is $99.99.

An iPhone 5c camera repair is $99.99.

An iPhone 5 camera repair is $79.99.

An iPhone 4s camera repair is $49.99.

An iPhone 4 camera repair is $69.99.

Remember, UEG is offering 15% off any tablet, MP3, smartphone or Mac repair now until July 31st! Just use code UEGSummer at checkout.

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United Tablet Repair: We specialize in screen repairs

At United Tablet Repair, we can say with certainty that we specialize in screen repairs. In fact, that’s almost all we do. Of course, our team of dedicated technicians is well equipped to fix your headphone jack or power button. But if you want your screen repair done right, done in a timely manner and done well, call United Tablet Repair: 1-866-488-8227! We’re a phone call away from servicing your tablet cost effectively and efficiently.

UEG_ipad_logo (2)

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What factors influence your choice of repair facility?

When choosing a repair facility to fix your iPod, tablet, Mac or smartphone, several factors can influence your decision. A family member or friend may have had a great experience with a certain repair shop. Or, maybe the price of the repair is the biggest concern for you. For others, reputation can make or break your decision to send in your broken device. It’s all relative to your individual preferences. So tell us. What influences your decision to trust your device to a repair facility?


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Poll: What do you use your iPhone for the most?




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