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UEGs Returns Management Program

Enjoy selling product more than dealing with the returns? You are in luck! United Electronics Group (UEG) will leverage our qualified Asset Management team, efficient repair capabilities and best-in-class infrastructure to quickly process your returns and maximize recovery.

Here’s how it works:

All return goods are processed through our ‘returns certification’ warehouse and triaged to quickly separate out good working units that can be returned to the manufacturer or other retail channel.  Units with cosmetic or functional defects are then put through our asset management process which is designed to yield maximum dollars and avoid low return ‘as-is’ sales in the liquidation market.

UEG also handles specialized projects like product recalls and those requiring environmentally sensitive disposal.

As with all of our services, the UEG IT team can build customized tracking and reporting that blends seamlessly into your ERP system ensuring you have up-to-the-minute details on product location, status, yields and return.

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UEGs Systems Integration Ability

Systems Integration Ability

Our large business customers really appreciate our ability to conform to their systems because it makes the whole process so much easier. By linking to your systems, we can better understand and service all of your customers’ needs, give you the current  status on outstanding issues and repairs and give you an update on your parts inventory.

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Check out some of the most recent United Electronics Group testimonials, found via our newly-added Testimonials submenu on the UEG website! UEG customers are our #1 priority!

UEG Customer Testimonials

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UEG Call Center Services

UEG utilizes state-of-the-art call center technology and best-in-class agents to deliver technical support and customer service. At our U.S.-based call center we become an extension of your organization. We’ll provide your customers with a seamless experience by answering using your brand name where required.

UEG Call Center Services

UEGs U.S.-based call center will improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty!

Our team provides technical support, warranty validation, order status and a variety of additional support services. Upholding your reputation is our number one priority when dealing with your customers.

Customizable call center reporting is also available to ensure quality and allows you to stay in touch with all key metrics.

For more details, please contact our sales team at 630.496.8004 or email sales@unitedelectronicsgroup.com

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UEGs Asset Recovery & Recycling Program

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See UEG at Work! View the UEG Webcam!

Ever wanted to take a look at the activity inside the United Electronics Group repair facility? We can tell you there’s significant professional expertise, precision and dedication going on!

At UEG, we know it may not always be convenient for all of our valued customers to tour our Bensenville, IL, facility. As a service to our customers, a webcam is constantly running for those interested in viewing UEGs professional environment. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of one of our technician floors, known to us as Technician Room #3. The webcam has a 3-second lag, but you’ll see UEG technicians and office staff bustling to and fro Monday through Friday working on or tending to in-progress repairs.

Webcam to Technician Room #3

So go ahead and have a peek at our daily operations. You’ll notice we’re working smart and we’re working hard to give you a better repair experience!


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