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UEG Pros Vs. Do-It-Yourself Kits: The Choice is Easy!


You could replace the screen on your tablet or MP3 with a little technical savvy and the aid of a $50 do-it-yourself repair kit. But if you don’t have a technical bent, you risk damaging the critical mainboard during the process. The unfamiliar electrical components underneath the screen could serve as an immediate challenge. Any inexperienced attempt could leave you unsure of the device during every subsequent use.

Solve your screen repair problems and avoid the turmoil! Ship your tablet to United Tablet Repair or your MP3 device to United MP3 Repair–both United Electronics Group companies.

UEG professional technicians will carefully disassemble the broken screen and replace it with a brand new one using quality adhesives. Our work is guaranteed for 90 days. And UEG’s Fixed Right or It’s Free Guarantee applies to all our repair services.

So what’s there to lose? Your $50 investment in a screen repair kit may go down the drain. Rest easy, however, knowing United Electronics Group will give you back confidence in your device!

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Check the Status of Your Repair Online In Seconds

Order StatusDo you have an open order with United Electronics Group? Do you wonder how the repair of your device is progressing? At UEG, we recognize the importance of communication, so we aim to keep our customers completely up to date on their repairs via our online order status feature. Experience ease of mind and satisfaction via UEGs online order status, available at www.uegorderstatus.com. Here you can view when your device was approved for repair and its current status. All you need to do is enter the order number we emailed you at the start of your repair and your shipping zip code. Click “Look It Up” and the status of your device will be displayed!

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Professional Repair vs. Repair Kit

These days there is a plethora of repair-it-yourself kits intended to allow the consumer to bypass the services of a professional repair facility. Sure you could fix a broken tablet screen using the tools provided in a $50 repair kit. But could you maneuver around the delicate interior mechanisms of the tablet, taking care not to disturb the sensitive mainboard or electrical wiring that facilitates the operability of your device? It’s a tough call, but if you are unsure, United Electronics Group (UEG) is there for your screen repair.

Here’s an example:

Asus Nexus 7 2nd Generation
Front Glass (Digitizer Touch Screen) + LCD Repair
United Tablet Repair – $199


Asus Nexus 7 2nd Generation
LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement
Repair kits range from $42 to $79.99

At United Tablet Repair, our trained technicians have the expertise, the tools and the dedication to get your screen repair done right. Send your device to UEG, and you’ll have no worries:

  • We use a quality adhesive
  • We have the experience necessary to keep the mainboard intact and
  • We give you confidence in a job well done!

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Screen Repair is a UEG Specialty

Shattered screen2At United Electronics Group (UEG) we specialize in fixing tablet screens: Samsung screens, iPad screens, Asus screens … and more tablet screens! We wouldn’t say we fix them. It’s more accurate to say that we complete a whole screen replacement on the tablets efficiently, quickly and professionally. We use a strong, quality adhesive, one that sticks firmly in place, so you don’t have to worry about a sloppy job that would lead to unwanted frustration.

Check out examples of our screen repair prices below, and let us know if we can answer any questions you may have or assist in the online checkout process. If you’re local, just visit our lobby for a 1-hour tablet screen replacement!

UEG Screen Repairs

Samsung Tab 3 (SM-210)

Samsung Tab 2 (GT-P3113)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (P5210)

Asus Nexus 2nd Generation
$209 (includes LCD and digitizer replacement)

Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad 4

Apple iPad 2

Shattered screen3


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